About me

HI!! My name is Hannah and I am so passionate about helping people ignite their inner fire, reconnect with their inner child, and free their shadow self. I create a safe and loving space for you to awaken and ascend to who you truly are meant to be. I connect you to your body’s wisdom and inner knowing. I guide you on a journey to expand your consciousness and understanding to the misalignments, blocks, and wounds that have been created and misunderstood from your past. I hold the space for you to decide what happens next, the choice is yours for which path you take. If you choose healing, we then have the opportunity to realign, reconnect, transform, and heal the energy that has kept you stuck. We travel together through all time and space on a journey of self-empowerment and growth. I am grateful to have the opportunity to facilitate you through your awakening.

Do you want to evolve into being the creator of your life and live it on purpose?


No one session is the same but my specialties include: Channeling (the higher self, the soul, guides, cosmic energies, and other energies), intuitive energy healing, craniosacral therapy, energy clearing and balancing (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies), auric healing, chakra balances, soul retrievals, past life regression, shadow work (diving into and exploring emotional events, traumas, generational patterns, addictions), muscle testing (and pendulum dowsing), emotion code and body code, sound healing, color therapy, and other spiritual practices.


Overall, through this work, it promotes harmony and balance throughout the body, mind, and soul which then has the opportunity to decrease anxiety/depression symptoms, improve sleep, increase mental focus, improve postural alignment, reduce pain and inflammation, support the immune system, increase the effectiveness of traditional medical and psychiatric treatment, improve the stress response while decreasing adrenaline and cortisol levels, accelerate self discovery and spiritual growth, awaken your mind/body/soul connection, raise your vibration, connect you with your inner child/higher self/guides, clear negative energies from your field, empower you to heal yourself through your body’s wisdom, help you understand and heal your triggers, and teach you tools to claim and protect your energetic field from unwanted energies.


Venmo, Cash, Check

(1) 1 hour $90, (1) 1.5 hour $130
(3) 1 hour $240, (3) 1.5 hour $360

Monthly Membership: At least 3 months consecutively
(1) 1.5 hour $100 (savings of $30) AND
$15 off the rest of each session during that month’s membership.

“Healing happens in layers.” -Teal Swan

Energy healing

I offer in person as well as distance healing sessions.

Energy healing is opening up the state of consciousness and awareness and connecting into the field of energy that connects all that is. This energy field can be called God, spirit, divine, the universe, or source consciousness. The energy that we are tapping into is not confined to time or space reality. So during an in person or distance healing session, you are opening up your energy and opening your state of awareness. You go into this meditative state (conscious or unconscious) and give permission to receive the energy that is sent to you. The time and space dynamic is no longer an issue because we’re not working in this realm or 3rd dimension. We are working in a higher dimension and tapping into the universal energy which allows the healing to happen. In person and distance sessions have the same effectiveness.

“Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” -Einstein


During our session you will lie comfortably on a therapy table while I set you up with modalities to assist in calming your nerves and invite you into a meditative state. We continue with a grounding visualization or clearing meditation. When you are able to get into this state the body/soul will take us on an adventure. Most of the time we have no idea where we will end up. It plays out in a beautiful and often strange story of the body’s need it is trying to communicate. 

The body speaks through a language that doesn’t have words so we often get visions, objects, colors, emotions, songs, past events and most of the time just knowings. We heal in all different dimensions.

Where what is happening is so high vibrational the words cannot do the healing justice. After we get the information we acknowledge it and ask the body (or experience) what it needs to process it fully and heal. It is truly such a beautiful transformation. You most likely will end up experiencing all the emotions but once you experience them fully and release them fully they are no longer trapped inside the body. 

I will admit, emotions are hard! I have been an emotional mess on the table not knowing what hit me, but once I processed the emotions they truly are healed and I can take that experience and look at it from a higher perspective with a different frame of mind. 

We are taught to avoid, skip over, and rush through emotions. We do not allow ourselves time to acknowledge, accept, and sit in them because they are uncomfortable.

When you allow yourself space to feel whatever it is you are feeling, exactly the way the body and mind want to express them or sit in those feels, that is where the magic and healing take place. 

With me, you can be exactly who you need to be. You can be a hot mess, emotional/needy kid, the sad/lost teen, and whatever/whoever you need to be. You are free to be angry, disappointed, and overwhelmed. You are free to speak your truth the exact way you needed to say it. 

We dive into why you are holding onto so many different emotions like resentment, fear, disgust, and grief. When these energies get trapped into the body they become stagnant which can create aches and pains, block, illnesses of all kinds, and unhealthy patterns. In this dis ease you find patterns that become familiar and then too big to manage on your own. Most of the time people are just looking for love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Are you willing and able to give that to yourself, to give yourself the power it needs?

Are you ready to change your life?

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